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[Anwyna] Awake

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The doctor had come once they heard her awake and crying into Daiyu’s shirt.

Mind Walk

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Rhiswyn watched Anwyna's too-still form laying in the hospital bed. The IV silently dripped beside her, while a clunky machine tracking the elf's heartbeat beeped steadily across the bed. Eventually, she placed her hand on the elf's forehead, closed her eyes, and fell into Anwyna's memories of the attack.

Bad News Bear [T-Still]

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Was it a letter or through the comm? Maybe they'd actually sent someone to tell her in person? Her mind was fuzzy right now.

[Anwyna] After Party

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Anwyna breathed a sigh of relief as the cool evening breeze

Abandoned [T-still]

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I promise I'll be back in time, Anny. Don't worry!

Brouhaha [Tstill]

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“Hmmm, not bad, not bad, but...Thunderbrews win this round!”

[Anwyna] RE: Dragoon Beloric Aquitane

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Commander Forrester,

[T-Still] Thinking Back

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It was right around supper when I got the news. I remember it clearly because I was with Anny in the Recluse and the steak and eggs were really good that night.