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Vindicator Surprise!

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Nirahsa’s tail swished back and forth energetically as the tinkerer leaned over her workshop bench.  A smile upon her face while using a torch to melt small ropes of silver in place. Hands steadily moving to keep from using to much upon the metal pot. Putting the last touches in, Nira flicked the torch off and set it aside before stepping back to admire her work.

Strive to be Better

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“Go away!” Nirahsa screamed as a massive stream of bolts arced down from the inky black abyss above, completely enveloping Asharin with a thunderous boom. As the flash cleared, Asharin while looking scorched still stood.

“I WON’T BE IGNORED!” Asharin shouted back at the shaman while stomping her hoof into the ground, rocky spikes shot out of the black below to impale Nira, causing her to cry out briefly. As they crumbled away however she stumbled and remained standing despite looking bloody from the blow.

Nowhere is Safe

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She stumbled into the cave leaving a small trail of blue blood behind her as the tinkerer gripped her right arm. She glanced back before clenching a fist while forcing the elements to respond, the earth shuddering as the entrance was swallowed up in rocks with only a few places for the light to peek through. Moving over to a rock the shaman slumped down on it before again trying to heal the wounds she’d suffered, but finding that no matter how she shouted she just couldn’t control the slippery water element finely enough to do anything at all about her injuries.


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Asharin. That is what I was to be called now because they insisted on differentiating me from Nirahsa. I didn’t like suggesting the name to begin with, but I had little choice given the terms that Vindicator Dacianna had thrown out.


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((If I messed up on anything concerning Vasily let me know Drogar.))

Nirahsa leaned against a nearby table to catch her breath, the gentle illumination of the Exodar’s crystals beamed down upon her. She still wasn’t quite at one hundred percent again, but she had been cleared to at least start moving around again but given explicit instructions to not do any intensive labor or magicking. Doctor’s orders that she would follow, since there were small things she could tinker with not to mention the shaman just wanted to stop feeling, drained and sore as soon as possible.

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water ...and Heart

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Nirahsa groaned in relief as she slipped into the tub, the hot soapy water already bringing relief to the shaman’s sore muscles as she simply let herself slip back till she was almost entirely submerged. A thick layer of soapy bubbles nearly enveloping her face as Nira smiled to herself idly reflecting on some of the more recent developments of her life while lifting one long blue leg out of the water just so she could drop it back down with a splash giggling lightly to herself.