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Paying Rent

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“And that’s the latest,” Rhiswyn said, twirling a lock of brown hair around one finger. “I’ve got plenty more to do, but for now, you should be caught up.”

Alynore grunted a response and signed a form, setting it aside and picking up the next one. Rhiswyn frowned. “Were you even listening, Alynore?”

The Tanaan Coastline

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The Alliance ships steamed through the waves as they crashed against the hull. Nirahsa stood near where the prow would normally be but this transport ship lacked. Instead of a prow the vessel had a large wooden ramp reinforced with steel. The ship was a smaller transport ship intended to transport steam tanks and drop them off in hot spots along the shore.

Fel cannon fire thundered in the distance as they approached their destination, the Tanaan coastline. Even as the cannonballs whistled by several seconds later to splashing into the water and sending up acrid smoke as the fel fire continued to try and burn.


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“I’m sorry,” my paladin says again, offering another sand pear. I can’t resist the treat, so I take it from her hand, crunching on the sweet fruit, enjoying the juices and grainy texture. It’s a nice distraction from the pain.

Vindicator Surprise!

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Nirahsa’s tail swished back and forth energetically as the tinkerer leaned over her workshop bench.  A smile upon her face while using a torch to melt small ropes of silver in place. Hands steadily moving to keep from using to much upon the metal pot. Putting the last touches in, Nira flicked the torch off and set it aside before stepping back to admire her work.


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((Not based on any specific RP, but inspired a bit by running around Tanaan in a party, and just wanting/needing to write something for Nore lately…))

The stench of the fel forge clung to her as she made her way to the harbor. Ichor stained her armor and dripped from her sword. Sweat-damp strands of red hair had long since escaped from her braid, her goggles keeping it out of her soot-smudged face.

[Unknown] Zin-Azshari

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((One off bit I felt like writing due to recent mullings. Not a Nirahsa piece.As the title suggests, takes place back during the First Legion Invasion of the Night Elves.))

“Azshara will save us, Azshara will protect us.” The young kaldorie woman whispered fervently as the fire rained down across Zin-Azshari. She sat huddled in the corner of her room listening to the growls and roars that reverberated through the wall followed by the sound of clanging steel. She could hear other elves charging against the monstrosities that had erupted from the Queen’s palace.

Mind Walk

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Rhiswyn watched Anwyna's too-still form laying in the hospital bed. The IV silently dripped beside her, while a clunky machine tracking the elf's heartbeat beeped steadily across the bed. Eventually, she placed her hand on the elf's forehead, closed her eyes, and fell into Anwyna's memories of the attack.


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Stalking me everywhere.

Flitting in and out of my gaze. Making my bones shiver. Howling as their blades whistle a blood chorus. Slicing apart dreams, only to release nightmares.

In My Head

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Nira groaned as she pushed herself up off the ground, impulsively rubbing her forehead with one hand as if to stave off an absent pain. Red dust swirled around her as the wind howled. She blinked glancing around to see an infinite horizon of red dust covering a landscape dotted by the green of orc corpses strewn about.

Spilled Coffee

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Her fingers wouldn’t curl around the handle of the mug. Her hand jerked as she tried to compensate, and the cup tipped over. The smaller, lighter troop models swept across the representation of Nagrand in a tide of coffee.


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The Alliance troops patrolled through the area looking to keep the Iron horde from establishing a foothold in this section of the Blasted lands. The group consisted of a line of footmen followed by dwarvish riflemen and even several night elf priestess’s. Everyone was alert and on the lookout for any surprise ambushes looking to not be caught unaware.

A Conversation With Myself

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“Vasily is a friend, he is always nice, yes yes.” Nira remarked with a frown as she sat on her bed. The Shaman in the room she’d been given while staying at the Exodar.

‘He’s annoyingly nice.’

To the Exodar

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‘I don’t want to go back to the Exodar,’ Nirahsa thought to herself somewhat bitterly even as she packed some of her things for the trip. Dacianna had invited Vasily over for tea and she’d known then that she was going to have to tell him what she’d told Daci. Now she was supposed to go to the Exodar for treatment, to become…whole again as Vasily had put it. The very thought mortified her, potentially regaining all her memories, memories of what she’d done. She didn’t want it, she didn’t want it at all.


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I don’t know how long I’d been standing in the inky black abyss before she appeared. Time didn’t seem to have a presence and nothing changed. That is until the other me arrived, her yellow eyes staring at me as a shadow seemed to follow her even within this dark abyss it felt darker with her presence.