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farmer's daughters

Old Soldiers Can't Forgive

The sun beat down on Harrigan's back as he filled in the latest vermin tunnel in his field. He thought the hides he hung on the fences would discourage them, but they appeared oblivious to the obvious consequences of invading his farm. Now three more skins were drying on the poles.

“Mornin', Harri!” a cheerful voice lilted across the field. He wiped his forehead on his arm and peered at the owner.

“Morning, Cassie!” He walked across the field, scraping the worst of the dust from his arms as he went. She was waiting in front of the house when he got there. He rinsed his hands off in a rain barrel and dunked his head. Cassie yelped and laughed as he shook the water from his head. “What brings you this way?”