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Marcel Paxton

[Paxton] Epilogue

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It had not been a dream.


[Venner] Conversation in Shadow

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(( Co-written with Gilly! ))

Open Season

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(( So, Paxton is now out for Venner's head, and sending all the thugs in Azeroth after him.

Portrait of a Predator

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(( The following article appears in the morning editions of the Dalaran Daily News, the Hearthglen Crusader, the Ironforge Daily Hammer, and the Stormwind Evenin

[Gilberte] The Next Move

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Paxton watched, his arms crossed over his chest, as the messenger clad in Crusader regalia disappeared down the street. When the messenger had appeared at the door, he had been more than eager to let him in, hoping for news of another promotion or summons to an important meeting in Hearthglen. Well, there had been a summons alright, but not one that he was expecting.

[Rhiswyn] The Argent Puzzle

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“What business needs to pull every record?” The Hearthglen clerk frowned, trying not to let his eyes wander when Rhiswyn leaned forward, straining her low-cut shirt.

How to Destroy a Life

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(( A little mature because, well, Henii and Ivi. ))