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Argent Crusade

Shadows in the Valley, Part 2

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The beauty of Blademoon Bloom was not lost on the half-elf priest cautiously navigating along the streams and down the flowery paths into the heart of the growth. The dangers inherent were not to be ignored, either.

Rhiswyn had already been warned about the large pink flowers that would emit a noxious gas to put someone to sleep, to await pick up by the botani. Fireflies moved in languid arcs through the air, focused around short pillars lining the pathways. In the shadows off the trail, mandragora hissed and splashed in the water. The air was thick and heady with floral smells and spore bursts, and the loamy scent of fertile earth.


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Really, how much longer could they keep her here?

Rhiswyn idly paged through a romance novel. She had already read it, but there was nothing else to do. Jormund visited when he could, though the debate continued upstairs as to her disposition. The Crusade’s inquisitors could not determine how much truth she told.

The final report of the war

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"So, Garrosh has been deposed and is being hauled to Pandaria in chains to face justice for his crimes. A good outcome, if not unexpected."

[Rhiswyn] The Argent Puzzle

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“What business needs to pull every record?” The Hearthglen clerk frowned, trying not to let his eyes wander when Rhiswyn leaned forward, straining her low-cut shirt.