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Dreams of Power

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Henii took a deep breath, letting the hot, dry air fill her lungs. She pursed her black painted lips and slowly, she released it, the action calming her mind and steadying her heart.

A Mother's Legacy: Final

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Shenrel walked away from the dead orc.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 4

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This time the element of surprise was Shenrel’s.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 3

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There was an arrow sticking out of Shenrel’s stomach.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 2

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After speaking with Darlain, Shenrel decided to leave a letter to Linu Theillos with an Alliance courier at the Telaar outpost in Nagrand.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 1

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Shenrel barely had time to brace himself before the barrier collapsed.

Family From Another Time [AU Ivi]

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(( Henii bumped into AU Ivi finally.))

[Nirahsa] The Past Returns

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Nirahsa slammed against the ground rolling as her side flared with pain after the bolt of Shadow energy had slammed into her. The Orcish warlock let out a chuckle watching the tinkerer gasp, gripping her side Nira slowly pushed herself up.

“No wonder your kind screams so pathetically when they die, everything about your race is weak. Running and hiding trying to take over from the shadows, never expecting the shadows would be your end,” The Warlock stated with a tusky self-satisfied grin.

[Ivi] Sweet Dreams

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(( Ready for Ivi blogs to make a complete 180° turn? This details some of her time on Draenor and gets mature.))