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Night Elf

[Lasyana] 'Tis the Season

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There are few things that could bring Lasyana away from Alalandaria’s arms so snugly embraced in bed. Family needs being one, natural needs being the other. But today was different.

[Unknown] Zin-Azshari

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((One off bit I felt like writing due to recent mullings. Not a Nirahsa piece.As the title suggests, takes place back during the First Legion Invasion of the Night Elves.))

“Azshara will save us, Azshara will protect us.” The young kaldorie woman whispered fervently as the fire rained down across Zin-Azshari. She sat huddled in the corner of her room listening to the growls and roars that reverberated through the wall followed by the sound of clanging steel. She could hear other elves charging against the monstrosities that had erupted from the Queen’s palace.

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Final*

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When the Iron Horde had first made landfall, Shenrel and other druids had been sent to the frontlines immediately.

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Part II*

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“…and less than half the crew survived.”

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Part I*

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“What do you mean it’s not here?”

Eryndri Art

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Ivi surprised me once again with gift art! This time it's a bust of my Death Knight Eryndri!