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Strive to be Better

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“Go away!” Nirahsa screamed as a massive stream of bolts arced down from the inky black abyss above, completely enveloping Asharin with a thunderous boom. As the flash cleared, Asharin while looking scorched still stood.

“I WON’T BE IGNORED!” Asharin shouted back at the shaman while stomping her hoof into the ground, rocky spikes shot out of the black below to impale Nira, causing her to cry out briefly. As they crumbled away however she stumbled and remained standing despite looking bloody from the blow.


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Nirahsa shifted and squirmed as she laid on the bed in the Exodar. Back in the quarters she’d been given originally. Her blue form was covered in a sheen of sweat her breath quick even in her sleep the tinkerer suffering a fever as stim withdrawal set in. Eyes closed as she slept fitifully hands grabbing and gripping at the sheets, movements restricted by the shackles on her wrists and ankles.


Inside Nirahsa’s head the inky black abyss swirled, broken up by tendrils of color that wisped through it. A moment passed and several large objects started floating in the abyss, Nira’s workshop, Daci’s house, the exodar in the distance. Gears and cogs turned and floated around in seemingly random patterns as if moved by the non-existent wind.

Inner/Outer World

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Nirahsa frowned a moment as she looked off at the horizon, a small wisp of smoke rising where Lakeshire would be.  Her tendrils shifted erratically belying the draenei’s nervousness. News had come of an Orc raiding party in the Redridge Mountains and Dacianna had gone to investigate. She didn’t know why she worried, a small band of Orcs wasn’t going to stop Daci.