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[Gozo] Treats for Friends: The Fireclaw Sisters

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The garrison was quiet at this time of night. Most of the Dragoons were fast asleep in their bunks, no doubt exhausted from the day’s events. Draenor was a very beautiful planet, but that beauty was only skin deep as right below the surface were fierce challenges that natives and visitors endured daily. While Gozo had only encountered a few of these challenges on his trips to the Elodar fields to do trade with the farmers he heard plenty from those coming back from the farthest reaches of Draenor.

[Gozo] Building a Future

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Gozo was not an overly smart Pandaren. Often times when Lai and her teacher Henii would go on about the fine details of the Arcane he would feel lost. The same goes for when the Fireclaw sisters would visit and tell grand tales of their latest and greatest inventions it would go in one furred ear and out the other.

[Lai-Ning]Sweet Dreams

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((Uhh...there's some kind of...gory stuff in here. Beware!))

[Gozo] To War

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"Place your paw to the earth, my son, and tell me what you feel."


[Lai-Ning]For A Protector

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Magic swirled around her paws, ruffling through her fur as she concentrated on a single point in front of her.