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A Mother's Legacy: Part 2

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After speaking with Darlain, Shenrel decided to leave a letter to Linu Theillos with an Alliance courier at the Telaar outpost in Nagrand.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 1

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Shenrel barely had time to brace himself before the barrier collapsed.

Life's Little Lessons

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((What was their education like?))

"Oh gosh, um…well, G’ma taught me all -sorts- of things, like…cooking and cleaning and taking care of my clothing and…did you mean magic-wise? That’s a little different! She taught me how to do simple things, but mostly? She taught me control. G’ma wasn’t fond of using magic,even if we could."


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((Soo! I have a bunch of little story things I was doing foranother one of those character development things..this is the first! The question was...

[Lai-Ning]For A Protector

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Magic swirled around her paws, ruffling through her fur as she concentrated on a single point in front of her.