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Seeds of Doubt

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After tonight I have to believe that Shansii was telling the truth about the woman who played with her was real.

Family Ties

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Henii lay stretched out across across her poolside chair. Her loose hair spilled about her shoulders while her bikini clad boy soaked in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Dreams of Power

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Henii took a deep breath, letting the hot, dry air fill her lungs. She pursed her black painted lips and slowly, she released it, the action calming her mind and steadying her heart.

Family From Another Time [AU Ivi]

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(( Henii bumped into AU Ivi finally.))


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Duvaan returned to his home with a defeated expression on his face. What a cruel joke fate played on him, sending these outsiders from another world here.

Only For Now [Ivi]

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Ivinara was already in her armor as she discarded the dirty diaper and changed Duvaan into a fresh one. "I'm gonna miss you, but we'll be back soon." She leaned forward, placing her lips on the little boy's stomach to blow a raspberry.


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Henii sat at her desk, a crystalline light floating above it bathing the fine, lacquered wood in a soft glow. She dipped a quill in an ink pot and gave it a light tap on the glass lip. With a deep breath, she stilled her hand, then put the quill to her journal.


Disconnect [Ivi]

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((Well, since it's technically past midnight where I am, going to go ahead and post this!))

Desperation's Fist Bump

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Henii stood at the wash basin staring at her hands as the cool water poured over them.


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I hate this. I hate being in the middle. Yet here I am.

The Fantastic Henii/Shillan/Ivinara Wedding Blog Post Extraordinaire!

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(( So since we're doing the reception on Friday, I discussed it with Henii and we decided it would be good to go ahead and post the ceremony. This way everyone will have time to post their characters' reactions and know just all what went down when it's time to do the in game RP. Let Henii and Shillan have the first two posts so they can put up their parts before the other responses. Also, keep in mind that the contents of this post happen on Friday, December 20th. Enjoy!))

Introducing HeniIvi Corps!

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With Henii no longer an exarch, Ivinara suggested they do mercenary work together. These flyers will be posted in every Alliance city and town.


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The final straw had been pulled and she didn't know until to late. She was summoned before the Triumverate to answer for her supposed crimes but there were no questions to answer for.

When the Gloves Come Off

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Henii walked with purpose through the halls of her manor, her loose robes billowing behind her long strides.

[Ivi] Hot Spring

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Ivinara let out a heavy sigh as she watched the dark skinned shaman step out of the water and leave Winterspring.